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Gainesville Runners

Those Insane People Who Feel the Need for Speed (uh, versus walking, anyway.)

gainesville runners
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the purpose of this community is to assist in linking together individuals in gainesville, fl who share a common interest in running.

the most liberating of sports, a runner can run anywhere he or she chooses.

on a personal level, i have always made it a point to run whenever i have travelled. all i need are my shoes. it is usually one of the first things i do upon arriving in a new territory. you will never "see" so much by auto or bus.... running allows you to cover territory at times prohibited by vehicle and allows you to take in an area at your own pace, no pun intended.

i personally have run the blue ridge mountains, the streets of london, the french quarter of new orleans, the ghetto in philly, the suburbs of staten island, the bridges on key biscayne and mulptiple beaches and golf courses in florida to name a few places.

the ability to run gives you the ability to explore.

explore cities.
explore Mother Nature.
explore the world.

nothing is as limitless as running.

the goal of this community is to establish a resource for gainesville runners to find new places to explore locally and to meet others who share in this ridiculous passion.

most importantly, many runners will admit although they love the sport, a little motivation helps in making it a regularity. it is highly encouraged for anyone in this community to post in advance when and where they intend to run to hopefully motivate others to meet up with them.

happy trails to you........